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Aviation statistics: data tables (AVI)

Data about UK air traffic, international airlines and air accidents and incidents, produced by Department for Transport.

Air traffic at UK airports (AVI01)

AVI0101: Air traffic at UK airports (ODS, 10.9KB)

AVI0102: Air traffic by type of service, operator and airport (ODS, 42.6KB)

AVI0103: Punctuality at selected UK airports: time series (ODS, 37.6KB)

AVI0105: International passenger movements at UK airports by country of embarkation or landing: time series (ODS, 21.2KB)

AVI0106: Proportion of transfer passengers at selected UK airports: time series (ODS, 9.56KB)

AVI0107: Mode of transport to the airport (ODS, 14.1KB)

AVI0108: Purpose of travel at selected UK airports (ODS, 11.4KB)

AVI0109: UK airports (map) (PDF, 949KB, 1 page)

Activity by UK airlines (AVI02)

AVI0201: Main outputs for UK airlines by type of service: time series (ODS, 17.6KB)

AVI0203: Worldwide employment by UK airlines: time series (ODS, 6.65KB)

Major airports and airlines worldwide (AVI03)

AVI0301: Traffic at major airports, worldwide (ODS, 8.88KB)

AVI0302: Passenger traffic on major airlines, worldwide (ODS, 9.24KB)

Aviation accidents and incidents (AVI04)

AVI0401: Casualties caused by aviation accidents (ODS, 17.5KB)

AVI0402: Aircraft proximity (AIRPROX): number of incidents (ODS, 8.78KB)

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Aviation statistics

Published 25 October 2018
Last updated 6 December 2018 + show all updates
  1. Data tables updated for Transport Statistics Great Britain report for 2018.
  2. First published.