Statistical data set

Vehicles (TSGB09)

Data about vehicle and driver licensing, roadworthiness testing, car ownership and low emission vehicles, produced by Department for Transport.

Vehicle licensing

TSGB0901 (VEH0103): Licensed vehicles by tax class (ODS)

TSGB0902 (VEH0153): Vehicles registered for the first time by tax class (ODS)

TSGB0903 (VEH0101): Licensed vehicles by body type (quarterly) (ODS)

TSGB0904 (VEH0150): Vehicles registered for the first time by body type (monthly) (ODS)

TSGB0905 (VEH0203): Licensed cars by propulsion and fuel type (ODS)

TSGB0906 (VEH0204): Licensed cars by region (ODS)

TSGB0907 (VEH0506): Licensed heavy goods vehicles by weight (tonnes) (ODS)

Roadworthiness testing

TSGB0908: Road vehicle testing scheme (MOT) test results (ODS, 36.5KB)

TSGB0909: Road vehicle testing scheme (MOT), percentage of tests with one or more fail (ODS, 42.7KB)

TSGB0910: Road passenger service vehicle testing scheme (PSV tests) (ODS, 25.8KB)

TSGB0911: Goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes testing scheme (HGV motor vehicles and trailers) (ODS, 25.9KB)

TSGB0912: Trailer tests by axle type (ODS, 23.3KB)

Car ownership and driver licensing

TSGB0913 (NTS0205): Household car availability (ODS)

TSGB0914 (NTS9902): Household car ownership by region and rural-urban classification (ODS)

TSGB0915 (NTS0201): Full car driving licence holders by age and gender (ODS)

TSGB0916 (NTS0901): Annual mileage of 4-wheeled cars by ownership and trip purpose (ODS)

TSGB0917: Car driving tests (ODS, 25KB)

Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

TSGB0918 (VEH0130): Ultra-low emission vehicles licensed (ODS)

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