Statistical data set

Transport expenditure (TSGB13)

Statistics on transport expenditure, produced by Department for Transport.

Table TSGB1301

Public expenditure on transport (ODS, 20.6KB)

Table TSGB1302

Public expenditure on transport by country and spending authority (ODS, 35KB)

Table TSGB1303

Public expenditure on transport by function (ODS, 15.6KB)

Table TSGB1304

Total UK public corporation capital expenditure on transport (ODS, 15.3KB)

Table TSGB1305

Public expenditure on specific transport areas: Great Britain (ODS, 22.3KB)

Table TSGB1306

Household expenditure on transport (ODS, 27.7KB)

Table TSGB1307

Retail and consumer prices indices: motoring costs (ODS, 16.8KB)

Table TSGB1308

Retail prices index: transport components (ODS, 26.2KB)

Table TSGB1309

Gross domestic produce and retail prices index deflators (ODS, 14.5KB)

Table TSGB1310

Fuel and vehicle excise duty (ODS, 22.3KB)

Table TSGB1311 (RDE0103)

Road taxation revenue

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