SACN: reports and position statements

Reports, position statements and annual reports of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN).

You can view SACN publications below, or go to the SACN home page for further information about the Committee and to read the minutes of its meetings.


  1. Feeding in the first year of life: SACN report
  2. Folic acid: updated SACN recommendations
  3. SACN vitamin D and health report
  4. SACN Carbohydrates and Health Report
  5. SACN Dietary Reference Values for Energy
  6. SACN Early Life Nutrition Report
  7. SACN Iron and Health Report
  8. SACN Report to CMO on folic acid and colorectal cancer risk
  9. SACN Narrative Synthesis of Dietary Fibre Components
  10. SACN applicability of WHO growth standards in the UK
  11. SACN Folate and Disease Prevention Report
  12. SACN Review of Dietary Advice on Vitamin A
  13. SACN Advice on Fish Consumption
  14. "SACN Salt and Health report": recommendations on salt in diet

Position Statements

  1. SACN statement on diet, cognitive impairment and dementia
  2. SACN-COT statement on the introduction of peanut and hen’s egg into the infant diet
  3. SACN-COT statements on potassium-based sodium replacers
  4. SACN Statement on Military Dietary Reference Values for Energy
  5. SACN Statement on Iodine and Health - 2014
  6. SACN Statement on Selenium and Health - 2013
  7. SACN Statement defining child underweight, overweight and obesity
  8. SACN Statement on the introduction of gluten to the infant diet
  9. SACN Statement on 'Good-Night Milks' - 2008
  10. SACN draft position statement on dietary fibre - 2008
  11. SACN Update on Trans Fatty Acids - 2007
  12. SACN Update on Vitamin D - 2007

Annual Reports

  1. SACN annual report 2017
  2. SACN annual report 2016
  3. SACN annual report 2015
  4. SACN annual report 2014
  5. SACN annual report 2013
  6. SACN annual report 2012
Published 17 January 2001
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  1. Added annual report for 2017.
  2. Added 'SACN-COT statement on the introduction of peanut and hen’s egg into the infant diet' under 'position statements'.
  3. Added 'Folic acid: updated SACN recommendations'.
  4. Added SACN annual report 2016.
  5. Added position statement on military DRVs.
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