Independent report

SACN Narrative Synthesis of Dietary Fibre Components

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition Narrative Synthesis of Health Effects of Potential Dietary Fibre Components



The Food Standards Agency commissioned a team at the Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Research unit, Cambridge to undertake a “Narrative Synthesis of Health Effects of Potential Dietary Fibre Components” following the guidelines outlined in the SACN framework for the evaluation of evidence.

This report is the background paper that was used to enable SACN to produce a position statement on dietary fibre.

SACN have set up a Working Group to consider the effect of carbohydrates on health. The evidence cited in this statement and any additional evidence relating to fibre that is subsequently identified during the review process will inform the Committee’s report and may lead to SACN’s statement on fibre being reviewed in due course.

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Published 13 October 2008