Overseas Business Risk

Information for UK businesses on how to identify and mitigate security and political risks when trading overseas.

The Overseas Business Risk service provides geopolitical and economic analysis on overseas markets to new and expanding exporters. The guides also provide information on potential risks including human rights issues, bribery and corruption, terrorism, criminal activity and intellectual property.

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Middle East


Published 27 November 2014
Last updated 20 June 2017 + show all updates
  1. Overseas Business Risk - Uruguay updated.

  2. Guinea guidance added

  3. Overseas Business Risk for Bolivia added

  4. Senegal page added

  5. Burma and Jamaica market profiles added to the Overseas Business Risk service

  6. Updated Cyprus profile added to OBR service; added new link to Nigeria's new profile

  7. New Ireland market profle added to Overseas Business Risk webservice

  8. New link added for Canada's overseas business risk profile

  9. New links added for new Cambodia and Afghanistan OBR reports

  10. NEW Morocco OBR added to Africa collection

  11. New Paraguay OBR page added to the Americas collection

  12. Overseas Business Risk documents for Cuba

  13. NEW Suriname and Guyana OBR reports added to the collection

  14. Overseas Business Risk documents for Costa Rica and Nicaragua added.

  15. Additon of FCO Economic factsheets to further reading for market information.

  16. Two new country profiles added - Cayman Islands and Papua New Guinea

  17. Added Norway

  18. Added Overseas Business Risks, Zambia document

  19. First published.

  20. Gabon, Peru

  21. intellectual property abroad

  22. China update

  23. Namibia and Argentina

  24. change to ordering

  25. bahrain and cote d'ivoire

  26. Added Luxembourg

  27. Thailand and Poland Updates

  28. July update for Russia and Ukraine

  29. Updated Mauritius page 15 July

  30. Mauritius Update - July 14 2014

  31. Overseas Business Risk - Hong Kong

  32. Updated links

  33. Link to FCO Political and Economic Updates