NHS visitor and migrant cost recovery programme

Information and resources for NHS organisations and frontline staff.

Migrants, visitors and former residents of the UK must pay for their care when they’re in England. In April 2015, changes were made to the way the NHS charges overseas visitors for healthcare. This is so that the NHS does not lose out on income for services these people receive.

This collection includes guidance and a range of resources, including template letters and posters, to help NHS organisations manage overseas visitors and recover the costs of healthcare where appropriate.

There are also resources available from e-Learning for Healthcare.


Charging regulations: impact and equality analyses

Guidance for NHS organisations

Resources for health professionals

Published 15 October 2015
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  1. Added new group: 'Charging regulations: impact and equality analyses'.
  2. The page has been completely overhauled: 'Independent reports' section has been removed, 'Migrant access to the NHS' consultation has been removed, 'Recovering costs of NHS healthcare from visitors and migrants' guidance has been removed from the 'Resources for health professionals' section, and 'Guidance on overseas visitors hospital charging regulations' has been removed from the 'Guidance for NHS organisations'. The following new pages have been added to the 'Guidance for NHS organisations' section: 'Overseas NHS visitors: framework to support identification and upfront charging', 'Overseas NHS visitors: non-NHS bodies implementing the charging regulations', 'Ways in which people can be lawfully resident in the UK', 'How the NHS charges overseas visitors for NHS hospital care', 'Overseas chargeable patients: NHS debt and immigration rules', 'Providing healthcare for overseas visitors from the EEA: information for primary care staff', 'EHIC incentive scheme' and 'EU cross-border healthcare directive: information for NHS providers'.
  3. Added link to 'Evaluation of overseas visitor and migrant NHS cost recovery' independent report.
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