Managing overseas visitors and migrant health charging: NHS trusts

Information and resources for NHS trusts to help with the management and charging of overseas visitors and migrants.



These documents have been developed with and tested by overseas visitor managers to help the NHS recover the costs of healthcare from visitors and migrants.

Published 22 August 2014
Last updated 3 February 2022 + show all updates
  1. Removed attachment: 'Contacts for NHS overseas visitor managers'.

  2. Updated to include a PDF version of the ordinary residence tool.

  3. Update to the NHS overseas visitors charges in the ordinary residence tool.

  4. The 'Guide to completing the NHS debtors spreadsheet' attachment is now out of date and has been removed.

  5. Template letters and forms have been published on new pages. There are links to these new pages on the 'NHS visitor and migrant cost recovery programme' collection.

  6. Replaced 'Form: clinician patient assessment' with a new version.

  7. Added 'example letter to doctor: assisted conception, patient chargeable'.

  8. The data protection section of the terms and conditions in 'Form: undertaking to pay NHS hospital costs' has been updated to reflect the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

  9. Added ordinary residence tool (previously published on withdrawn page).

  10. Added 'Form: clinician patient assessment' to page and replaced ‘Example letter: request for advice from doctor/dentist’ with correct document.

  11. The following documents have been removed and added to a new page each: 'Information for primary care staff providing healthcare for overseas visitors from the European Economic Area', 'Guide to EHIC incentive scheme' and 'Information about the cross-border healthcare directive'. The following documents have been updated: 'Example letter: request for patient information', 'Example letter: reminder for patient information', 'Example letter: document acknowledgement – patient non-chargeable', 'Example letter: document acknowledgement – patient chargeable', 'Example letter: no documents received – patient chargeable' and 'Example letter: payment request'. 'Example letter: assisted conception – patient chargeable' has been added.

  12. Updated contact address for the Overseas Healthcare Team in 'Information for primary care staff providing healthcare for overseas visitors from the European Economic Area' guidance.

  13. Updated 'advice to doctors and dentists' example letter.

  14. Updated with the latest immigration information request form.

  15. New guidance for primary care staff providing healthcare to overseas visitors from European Economic Areas.

  16. New templates to be used from 6 April 2016, following updates to 'Overseas chargeable patients, NHS debt and immigration rules: guidance on administration and data sharing'

  17. Updated to include Guide to EHIC incentive scheme document.

  18. First published.