Newborn blood spot screening: data and research

Data reports, data collection templates and research application guidance for the NHS newborn blood spot (NBS) screening programme.

All screening providers need to record data about their activity. Public Health England (PHE) Screening produces guidance on what data to provide and how to provide it.

NBS screening: data collection forms

Child health records departments and screening laboratories must collect data against national NBS programme standards.

The NHS NBS screening programme uses these standards to determine how well the programme is running, and where the programme needs improvement.

NBS screening: annual standards and programme statistics reports

The NBS programme publishes an annual data collection and performance analysis report against national NBS programme standards.

Previous data and performance analysis reports are available from the PHE Screening helpdesk.

NBS screening: data requests and research

Any research activity must be undertaken in line with current legislation and guidance. Access to data sets comprising identifiable or potentially identifiable screening data or tests requires appropriate legal gateway assurances.

NBS screening: the information we use

Published 1 January 2015
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