MAA air traffic management (ATM) equipment certification

Information about MAA ATM equipment certification, which ensures ATM equipment designs meet appropriate safety requirements.

MAA certification ensures that an air system’s design meets appropriate safety requirements. A systematic, independent certification process is required for both new ATM equipment and for major changes to existing designs. This process is detailed within Regulatory Article (RA) 3120.

ATM approved organization scheme (AAOS)

ATM organizations are required to register with AAOS and obtain approval before delivering ATM equipment. This process is detailed within RA 1027.

Release into service process (RiSP)

Any new or significantly modified ATM equipment will need to follow the RiSP process before entering into service. This process is detailed within RA 3134.

Release into service exposition (RiSE)

As part of the RiSP process, an exposition will need to be presented to the MAA for audit and approval. A template for a RiSE can be found here.

Defence Standards (Def Stan)

Def Stan 00-972 ‘Military air traffic management equipment safety and performance standards’ is the default certification specification for MOD ATM equipment.

It is owned and sponsored by the MAA and is unrestricted and available in full via the Defence Standards website.

Defence Standards amendments

Notifications of proposed amendments (NPAs) to Defence Standard 00-972 are available here.

Supporting documents

These are available below.


For further information, please contact the Certification Division:

MAA Certification electronic systems - air traffic management equipment
Juniper 1, #5004
Abbey Wood North
BS34 8QW


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