Junior doctors' contract

The background to the issues surrounding the junior doctors' contract.

The documents, letters, speeches and news stories below set out how the situation around the junior doctors’ contract has developed.

Documents and correspondence

  1. Health Secretary writes to Chair of Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

    • Correspondence
  2. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt's letters to JDC Chair Johann Malawana

    • Correspondence
  3. Junior doctors' contract: equality analysis and family test

    • Guidance
  4. Jeremy Hunt writes to Mark Porter

    • Correspondence
  5. Summary information from letter to all junior doctors

    • Correspondence
  6. Secretary of State for Health writes to Chair of the BMA

    • Correspondence
  7. Health Secretary writes to Dr Mark Porter, Chair of the BMA

    • Correspondence
  8. DDRB remit letter: 2016 to 2017 pay round

    • Correspondence
  9. Junior doctors' contract offer: main points

    • Policy paper
  10. Special remit letter of 30 October 2014 from Department of Health

    • Correspondence
  11. Supplementary evidence for the review body on doctors and dentists remuneration: review for 2013

    • Independent report

News and speeches

  1. NHS 7 day services and the junior doctors' strike

    • Oral statement to Parliament
  2. Independent review of junior doctors' morale, training and support

    • News story
  3. Jeremy Hunt updates Parliament on the junior doctors' contract

    • Oral statement to Parliament
  4. Junior doctor contract negotiations

    • News story
  5. Statement on junior doctors' contract

    • Oral statement to Parliament
  6. Response to junior doctors' vote for industrial action

    • Government response
  7. Response to Johann Malawana's claim on junior doctors' forum

    • Government response
  8. Junior doctors' contract offer

    • News story
  9. Junior doctors' contract

    • Written statement to Parliament
  10. Making healthcare more human-centred and not system-centred

    • Speech
Published 26 November 2015
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  1. Added the Secretary of State's letter to the Chair of the Academy of Royal Colleges
  2. Added Jeremy Hunt's 11 February oral statement to Parliament
  3. Updated to reflect position on 1 February.
  4. Updated to reflect the position on 4 January 2016
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