Individualised Learner Record (ILR)

Information to help further education (FE) providers collect, return and check the quality of Individualised Learner Record (ILR) and other learner data.

How to provide and maintain accurate ILR data

The following resources will help you make accurate ILR data returns.

How to return monthly individualised learner record (ILR)

A step by step process for ILR data returns, what you need to do and where to do it.

Funding Information Service (FIS)

FIS is an offline tool you can use to check your data against the validation rules.

ILR Learner Entry Tool

Collect the right ILR data with the Learner Entry Tool. Designed for learning providers that don’t use a data management system, you can manage up to 500 learners with it.

FileMerge (previously the amalgamation tool)

Merge two or more ILR files together with FileMerge.

Submit Learner Data

Use the ILR submission service to check your data before you submit it.

ILR data applications

Software and on-line applications to assist with the ILR data collection process. Includes links to the learning aims reference service (LARS), the funding information system (FIS) and the provider data self assessment toolkit (PDSAT).

ILR news and updates

ESFA Update our weekly newsletter containing actions and information for ESFA-funded organisations.

E-news for MI managers, software writers and suppliers about ILR data collections, FE data systems and reports, open data and other data news.

Earnings adjustment statement

Information about how to claim funding for some types of learning adjustments that you cannot report in the individualised learner record

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