Government Information Technology (IT)

This collection provides guidance on the government's information technology strategy.

The government’s approach to technology will provide better public services for less cost. Through disaggregating, re-using, optimising, sharing and modernising our technology, we will improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce waste and the likelihood of project failure.

This will improve public service provision by streamlining internal government operations and processes, supporting both online and offline services for citizens and businesses, and creating channels for collaborating and discussing policy.

Our technology strategy is integrated within the Government Service Design Manual. The manual’s guidance is radically improving the technology landscape to create a more productive, flexible workforce that provides public services in a much more efficient, cost-effective and higher quality way across all service channels, from face-to-face to online.

Chief Technology Officers will find material specifically for them in the Guidance for Chief Technology Officers and Resources for Chief Technology Officers. This is living guidance, refined, improved and updated through the active feedback of technology leaders inside and outside of government. It aims to reflect the experiences and best practices in this fast moving area.

The former ‘ICT Strategy’, which ran for 24 months from March 2011, also included 4 separate sub-strands: Greening Government ICT, End User Device Strategy, G-Cloud and Capability. We are updating each of these strands and integrating them with the Service Design Manual to reflect current guidance and practice. Until we complete this process, these documents remain accessible below as originally published in 2011, but please note that some aspects, such as governance models, remain out of date in the interim.

Government ICT strategy

This series contains the Government Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy and related documents.

Greening government ICT annual reports

Strategy, guidance, and annual reports on greening government information and communications technology (ICT).

End user device strategy

Strategy and guidance on end user devices. It aims to enable the public sector workers to work from any location on any suitable device.


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