Corporate report

Greening government ICT: 2015 annual report

Government departments achieved a number of green energy and best practice commitments during the final year of the Greening ICT strategy.



The 2011 Greening government ICT strategy set out how government ICT will contribute to green commitments and provide financial savings using efficient, green practices. The strategy included an initial 4-year roadmap of commitments to reduce the government’s technology energy consumption and promote sustainable digital alternatives to paper-based processes.

This 2015 report shows departments meeting a number of significant commitments and targets. Government digital approaches underpinned a major reduction in energy consumption by ICT this year, as reported by 10 departments. These digital approaches included procuring commodity services through:

14 major departments have now reached the target Sustainable ICT Maturity Level of 3 (Practised), adopting best practices across most ICT and business sustainability services. Using print management services is much more widespread.

Departments have used shared print resources, energy efficient multi-function devices and default energy and paper saving print settings to meet their greening government commitments. More e-conferencing services and virtualisation techniques, and increased servers and storage use have also contributed to greater energy efficiency.

Published 19 April 2016