Further education and skills: official statistics

This collection includes the latest statistical first release, an archive, compliance information and access to associated tables.

Information about the statistical first release is available at Further education and skills statistical first release (SFR).

The further education (FE) data library also provides a comprehensive list of all data available on the FE sector.


  1. SFR: compliance with official statistics code of practice

    • Guidance
  2. FE data library: apprenticeships

    • Statistical data set
  3. FE data library: apprenticeship vacancies

    • Statistical data set
  4. FE data library: vocational qualifications

    • Statistical data set
  5. FE data library: other statistics and research

    • Statistical data set
  6. FE data library: further education and skills

    • Statistical data set
  7. FE data library: local authority tables

    • Statistical data set
  8. FE data library: qualifications in the population

    • Statistical data set
  9. FE data library: workplace learning

    • Statistical data set
  10. Further education and skills: open data CSV files

    • National Statistics
  11. FE data library: education and training

    • Statistical data set
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