Ebola virus disease: clinical management and guidance

Guidance, resources and information for professionals about Ebola virus disease, a severe viral haemorrhagic fever (VHF).

Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a rare but severe infection in humans and non-human primates. It is caused by the Ebola virus, a filovirus that:

  • was first recognised in 1976
  • has caused sporadic outbreaks since in several African countries

See information about current Ebola outbreaks

These documents provide guidance for professionals. Members of the public can find information and advice on NHS.UK.

Disease information, epidemiology and maps

ACDP guidance


Humanitarian response and medical workers

Public health follow-up

Guidance on sperm and egg donation

Other viral haemorrhagic fevers

Published 10 July 2014
Last updated 9 October 2019 + show all updates
  1. Added 'Ebola virus disease: information for workers in at risk countries'.

  2. Added guidance for sperm and egg donation.

  3. Updated contents of collection and archived old documents.

  4. Added 'Ebola: public health recommendations for asymptomatic contacts' to the collection.

  5. Added the following to the collecion: Ebola guidance for harbour pilots and port operators; Ebola UK-based students visiting families in affected countries

  6. The 'Ebola: aircraft cleaning and decontamination after suspected case' guidance has been added under 'Guidance for non-healthcare locations'.

  7. The 'Ebola: frequent travellers to affected countries' guidance has been added.

  8. 'Ebola: advice for funeral industry, coroner’s offices and pathology departments' added to the collection.

  9. 'Ebola: advice for dental care teams' added to the collection under primary and secondary care section.

  10. The 'Ebola: travellers arriving from West Africa via Accra leaflet' has been added to the collection under 'Public awareness resources'.

  11. The 'Ebola virus disease: returning workers who are asymptomatic contacts guidance' has been added to the collection under 'People going to and returning from affected countries'.

  12. First 'Ebola virus disease: screening and testing activity' report published, with a new heading, Screening and testing activity.

  13. Updated guidance in primary and secondary care, and non-healthcare settings in line with ACDP. New guidance for sewage handlers and allied health professionals, and social care professionals added.

  14. The Ebola and infectivity factsheet has been added.

  15. Ebola genetic sequence published.

  16. The Ebola: risk assessment in prison guidance has been added under public health management.

  17. Added link to College of Emergency Medicine guidance.

  18. Updated immigration removal centre advice; new guidance on risk assessment for police custody suites, and for police on using PPE

  19. Guidance for Ebola: advice and risk assessment for educational, early years, childcare and young persons’

  20. The Ebola: returning from West Africa poster has been added under public health management.

  21. Added guidance for family and friends of aid workers - 26 September 2014.

  22. Added Ebola virus disease: epidemiological update.

  23. The 'Ebola virus disease: managing patients who require assessment in primary care guidance' has been uploaded.

  24. The 'Ebola: advice and risk assessment for universities and other further educational establishments' has been uploaded.

  25. Updated to include 'Ebola: infection control and prevention for acute trust staff' and 'Ebola: sample testing advice for laboratory staff' guidance.

  26. The 'Ebola: advice for immigration removal centres guidance has been uploaded.

  27. Added guidance for acute trust staff, and VHF sample testing advice.

  28. First published.