E-cigarettes and vaping: policy, regulation and guidance

Evidence on the impact of e-cigarettes, information on government policy and regulation, and guidance for organisations on vaping policies.

This collection includes information and guidance on e-cigarettes, including:

  • Public Health England’s (PHE) expert independent evidence reviews
  • UK product and advertising regulation
  • advice on developing vaping policies that maximise the potential of e-cigarettes in supporting smokers quit, while managing risks

Visit the Tobacco and smoking policy, regulation and guidance collection for information and other resources on tobacco and smoking.

England’s policy on e-cigarettes

UK e-cigarettes regulation

E-cigarettes evidence reviews

  1. E-cigarettes and heated tobacco products: evidence review
  2. E-cigarettes: an evidence update
  3. Electronic cigarettes: reports commissioned by PHE

E-cigarettes public health consensus statement

Advice for organisations on vaping policies

Published 16 April 2018