COMARE reports

Reports from the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE).

COMARE is an independent expert advisory committee which publishes its findings in reports and statements.

Not all of the COMARE reports are available as PDF files. A summary of the first 6 reports is available from the National Archives website .


  1. Childhood cancer incidence around Sellafield and Dounreay
  2. Response to the review of radiation dose issues from CT scans
  3. Review of radiation dose issues from the use of CT in the UK
  4. Radium contamination in the area around Dalgety Bay
  5. Childhood leukaemia incidence around UK nuclear power plants
  6. UV radiation exposure health risks from artificial tanning devices
  7. Impact of CT scanning of asymptomatic individuals
  8. Childhood cancer distribution in Great Britain 1969 to 1993
  9. Childhood cancer incidence around UK nuclear sites
  10. Advice on CERRIE’s review of internal radiation emitters risks
  11. Effect of preconceptional radiation exposure on pregnancy
  12. Childhood cancer following preconceptional radiation exposure
  13. Review of radioactive particles around the Dounreay nuclear site
  14. Cancer incidence around Greenham Common Airbase
  15. Childhood cancer incidence in the vicinity of Sellafield
  16. Cancer incidence around AWE Aldermaston and ROF Burghfield
Published 17 April 2014