Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE)

COMARE advises on the health effects of natural and man-made radiation, both ionising and non-ionising.

Role of the group

COMARE is a Department of Health and Social Care expert committee, but it provides independent advice to all government departments and agencies.

At its meetings, the committee has representatives from:

  • Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

  • Department of Health and Social Care

  • Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (Northern Ireland)

  • Environment Agency

  • Food Standards Agency

  • Food Standards Scotland

  • Health and Safety Executive

  • Information Services Division, NHS National Services Scotland

  • Medical Research Council

  • Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

  • Public Health England

  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency

  • Scottish Government

  • Welsh Government

Terms of reference

To assess and advise government and the devolved administrations on the health effects of natural and man-made radiation and to assess the adequacy of the available data and the need for further research.

Work programme: 2018-2019 (PDF, 83.6KB, 2 pages)


COMARE Annual Report: 2017 (PDF, 49.1KB, 2 pages)

COMARE Reports

COMARE - files for early reports, statements and other documents

Past documents, including statements and history of the committee, are also held on the committee pages on the National Archives website.



3rd July 2018: Minutes 120th meeting (PDF, 68.1KB, 7 pages)

13th March 2018: Minutes 119th meeting (PDF, 65.9KB, 7 pages)

21st November 2017: Minutes 118th meeting (PDF, 60.9KB, 6 pages)

18th July 2017: Minutes 117th meeting (PDF, 55.7KB, 5 pages)

COMARE meeting minutes

Archived minutes may also be found on the National Archives website.

COMARE abbreviation list (PDF, 74.2KB, 2 pages)

Future meetings - 2019

122nd meeting - 14th March

123rd meeting - 9th July

124th meeting - 20th November


COMARE chooses members for their medical and scientific expertise and has never had members from the nuclear or electrical power supply industries. Current members are:

  • Dr Chris Gibson (Chair)

  • Dr Jane Barrett

  • Dr Paul Darragh (Public Health Agency for Northern Ireland)

  • Dr Frank de Vocht (University of Bristol)

  • Professor John Harrison (Oxford Brookes University)

  • Professor Brenda Howard (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, NERC)

  • Dr Ray Kemp (Lay member)

  • Dr Colin Martin (University of Glasgow)

  • Professor Stephanie McKeown (Ulster University)

  • Dr Richard McNally (Newcastle University)

  • Dr Tom Nunan (retired)

  • Professor Paul Pharoah (University of Cambridge)

  • Dr Peter Riley (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham)

  • Mr Graham Smith

  • Professor David Sutton (NHS Tayside)

  • Professor Roger Taylor (Swansea University)

  • Dr Mireille Toledano (Imperial College, London)

  • Ms Helen Warner (Lay member)

Subcommittee, working group and secretariat membership (PDF, 58.4KB, 2 pages)

Declaration of members' interests (PDF, 74.4KB, 1 page)

Code of practice

COMARE adheres to the guidelines laid down in the code of practice for scientific advisory committees (Government Office for Science, 2011) as is appropriate and in agreement with the Department of Health and Social Care.

COMARE Code of Conduct (PDF, 47.9KB, 2 pages)



COMARE Secretariat
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