Policy paper

Response to the review of radiation dose issues from CT scans

A response to the COMARE 16 report on the increased use of CT in the UK, including recommendations for healthcare professionals.



This document sets out the responses to the 7 recommendations made in the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) 16 report.

The COMARE 16 report advised the Department of Health about the increased radiation dose issues resulting from the use of diagnostic CT scans within the UK. The increased use of CT scans has raised concerns regarding the radiation dose to patients. CT contributes more to the radiation exposure of patients, because it has greater doses of ionising radiation, compared with other imaging methods.

The Department of Health proposed that a working party of relevant experts consider the COMARE 16 report to offer practical advice for healthcare providers and make recommendations to the Department of Health.

Published 25 May 2016