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Impact of CT scanning of asymptomatic individuals

COMARE’s 12th report: discusses the impact of health assessments using computed tomography (CT) scanning on asymptomatic people.


COMARE 12th report


This report by the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) looks at the justification of these scanning procedures, including CT scans of the whole body and of key anatomical areas, the latter being designed to allay the concerns of asymptomatic individuals with regard to defined diseases.

It has taken into consideration published peer-reviewed data and evidence regarding CT scanning of asymptomatic individuals and information provided by a number of independent sector organisations offering such services. The latter included commercially sensitive information which has not been reproduced within the report.

The report consists of 9 chapters, which include the introduction, a chapter on the rationale behind CT scanning of the symptomatic individual, 5 chapters on scanning anatomical regions – whole body, lung, heart and colon and more general scanning. The final 2 chapters provide conclusions and recommendations. A glossary and references are provided.

Published 19 December 2007