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  1. Enhanced Learning Credits, Further and Higher Education scheme changes

    • MOD and Veterans UK
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  2. British Forces support Gabon's fight against elephant poachers

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  3. Showcasing MOD investment in innovation

    • MOD and Dstl
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  4. Update: air strikes against Daesh

    • MOD
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  5. Korean War veterans revisit country alongside Defence Minister

    • MOD
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  6. Defence Secretary welcomes deployable UK-France joint force

    • MOD
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  7. Troops wish The Queen a happy 90th birthday

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  8. Forces Help to Buy loans £100m for new homes in first 2 years

    • MOD
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  9. CDE Marketplace 2016

  10. Army tank technician shares royal connection as The Queen turns 90

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  11. Six World War 1 soldiers laid to rest

    • MOD and Veterans UK
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  12. Reducing time to reach mission readiness

  13. Helping instructors with improved immersive training system

  14. Identifying strengths and weaknesses with virtual-reality skills tests

  15. Agile training for explosive ordnance search teams

  16. Using simulation for better Armoured Fighting Vehicle training

  17. A graphically hosted objective solution for training

  18. Training soldiers using an augmented-reality environment

  19. Closing the training loop with the novel use of learning data

  20. Detecting radio-frequency emissions more accurately

  21. Ultra-lightweight optical system for aerial ground imaging

  22. Communications from high-altitude unmanned air systems

  23. Persistent surveillance from the air with novel radar system

  24. Saving power and frequency requirements with new radar communication framework

  25. Adding wearable technologies into simulation experiences

  26. 3D printing synthetic bones for blast injury research

  27. Using low-power light to reduce infection risk and increase tissue repair after injury

  28. Developing better wireless communications technology for the military

  29. Improved relays for radiation-resistant and high-temperature electronics

  30. An innovative compressor design to improve infrared imaging performance

  31. Portable blood salvage device to improve survivability of severely injured personnel

  32. New infrared sensing capabilities for persistent surveillance

  33. High-resolution imaging from smaller apertures

  34. Simulation technology for social-media training

  35. Laser radar system for high-resolution 3D imaging

  36. Improving performance of chaff countermeasures through the use of microwires

  37. Small sensors for high-resolution imaging and video

  38. Improving training effectiveness with Google Glass

  39. Personal radio-locator system for soldiers

  40. Developing lightweight wide-area infrared surveillance