Local laws and customs

There is a zero tolerance policy for possessing or supplying any drugs. While legislation stipulates that fines are possible for drug use/supply, in practice possession of even small quantities of drugs (Class B/C drugs as well as Class A) could result in long prison terms in addition to heavy fines.

Homosexuality is not forbidden in Moldova, though the Moldovan government does not formally recognise unmarried or same-sex partners. There is an active social and lobbying group on gay and lesbian issues in Chisinau, but public attitudes are less tolerant. Be careful about public displays of affection. See our information and advice page for the LGBT community before you travel.

Avoid taking photos of military and government facilities (including airports, power stations etc). You’re likely to be detained for questioning or arrested if you’re caught.

There are frequent police checks and police officers have the legal right to ask for identification on the street. You should carry a copy of the bio data page of your passport with you at all times.

You must obtain permission from the Moldovan Department of Monuments to bring out of the country any artwork or antiques. Failure to obtain this permission could result in the artwork or antiques being impounded and criminal charges brought.