Foreign travel advice



Anti-government protests, including a number of violent incidents took place in central Chisinau on 24 April 2016. Opposition groups have announced that they intend to hold further anti-government protests. While the organisers have called for peaceful protests, the situation could change quickly and you should avoid all public gatherings and demonstrations. Disruption to movement during protests is likely, particularly in central Chisinau. There’s a possibility of spontaneous demonstrations taking place in other areas, particularly in the downtown area of Chisinau. Be alert to the latest developments and take extra care.

The British Embassy, Chisinau is monitoring the situation in Ukraine closely. At present there appears to be no immediate threat of the destabilisation spreading to Moldova, and there is no information suggesting an increased threat to British citizens or businesses in Moldova.

There is a low threat from terrorism. See Terrorism.

If you visit Transnistria you should be aware that the region is outside of the control of the Moldovan authorities, and the British Embassy may be able to offer very limited consular assistance. See Transnistria.

Most visits to Moldova are trouble-free.

The Moldovan authorities strictly enforce penalties (including deportation) against those who overstay. See Entry Requirements.

You should be vigilant to petty crime, particularly in Chisinau. Leave your passport, travel documents and other valuable items in a safe place, and carry a photocopy of your passport for identification purposes. See Crime.

There are strong penalties for possession or use of drugs. Avoid taking photographs of military or government installations. See Local Laws and Customs.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.