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1,357 calls
  1. Humber - Leadership and Management (OC18S20P1733)
  2. Wheels to Work and Training in South East LEP (OC30S20P1728)
  3. Sustainable Urban Development (Low Carbon): call in North East (OC25R20S 1046)
  4. Sustainable Urban Development (Low Carbon and Environment): call in Greater Birmingham and Solihull (OC12R20S 1048)
  5. Enhanced Local Flexibility for the Unemployed Programme Phase 3 (OC20S19P1707)
  6. Sustainable Urban Development (SME support and Environment): call in Leeds City Region (OC20R20S 1047)
  7. Enhancing Equal Access to Lifelong Learning - Cheshire and Warrington (OC03S19P1700)
  8. Supporting Employers – Cheshire and Warrington (OC03S19P1699)
  9. Inclusive Labour Markets – Cheshire & Warrington (OC03S19P1703)
  10. Sustainable Urban Development (ICT, SME Support and Low Carbon): call in Nottingham (OC08R20S 1045)
  11. Enabling SMEs to engage in Education: Project call in Stoke & Staffordshire LEP area (OC32S19P1713)
  12. Worcestershire LEP -Integration of Young People (OC38S19P1695)
  13. Skills for Sustainable Employment – Lancashire (OC19S19P1714)
  14. Raising Aspirations for All: Project call in Stoke & Staffordshire LEP area (OC32S19P1712)
  15. Equal Access to Lifelong Learning - Phase 3 - North East Region (OC25S19P1708)
  16. Access to Employment: project call in Swindon and Wiltshire LEP (OC33S19P1719).
  17. Skills for Growth: project call in Sheffield City Region (OC28S19P1711)
  18. Inclusive Growth Action Research Programme (OC20S19P1705)
  19. Skills for Growth in Leeds City Region (OC20S19P1706)
  20. Skills for Growth: project call in Dorset LEP (OC09S19P1698)
  21. Rural Development Progamme: Food Processing
  22. Rural Development Progamme: Rural Tourism Infrastructure
  23. Rural Development Progamme: Business Development
  24. CLOSED: Access to Employment: Get in to Employment project call in Solent LEP (OC29S19P1687)
  25. CLOSED: Access to Employment : project call in The Marches LEP (OC36S19P1701)
  26. CLOSED: Access to Employment: Digital Skills for the Unemployed project call in Enterprise M3 LEP (OC10S19P1686)
  27. Gang and Knife Crime Prevention Programme – OC20S19P1649
  28. CLOSED: Access to Employment: D2N2 Healthy Work (OC08S19P1690)
  29. CLOSED: Leeds City Region – Digital Skills Programme (OC20S19P1691)
  30. CLOSED: Leeds City Region – Basic Skills Programme (OC20S19P1692)
  31. CLOSED: Engaging Employers – a Game Changer for Careers Education and Support (OC07S19P1693)
  32. CLOSED: D2N2 – Leadership and management training for SMEs (OC08S19P1678)
  33. CLOSED: D2N2 STEM Skills (OC08S19P1656)
  34. CLOSED: Ex-offender Pilot Programme – Leeds City Region (OC20S19P1652)
  35. CLOSED: Social Inclusion Pathways to Better Engagement (OC14S19P1644)
  36. CLOSED: Skills for the Future of your Workforce (OC04S19P1648)
  37. CLOSED: IP1.4 - Inclusive Economy – Liverpool City Region (OC22S19P1650)
  38. CLOSED: New Anglia Careers Hub Call (OC24S19P1653)
  39. CLOSED: The Apprenticeship Hub, York, North Yorkshire and East Riding - OC39S19P1651
  40. CLOSED: D2N2 Active Inclusion Programme - multiple and complex needs - (OC08S19P1647)
  41. CLOSED: Skills for the Mature Workforce – (OC04S19P1598)
  42. CLOSED: Bespoke Skills Service - (OC39S19P1645)
  43. CLOSED: Enabling SME’s to engage in Technical Education (OC19S19P1599)
  44. CLOSED: Digital Transformation and Upskilling in the Coast to Capital LEP Area - OC04S19P1587
  45. CLOSED: Access to Employment: project call in D2N2 LEP (OC08S19P1506)
  46. CLOSED: Industry Specialist Teaching Programme and Knowledge Exchange - OC35S19P1562
  47. CLOSED: NEET Prevention and Reduction - Cumbria (OC07S19P1534)
  48. CLOSED: Apprenticeship Care Programme Pilot – Leeds City Region (OC20S19P1537)
  49. CLOSED: Apprenticeships Support for Employers in New Anglia (OC24S19P1531)
  50. CLOSED: IP2.1 D2N2 Fuller Working Lives (OC08S19P1532)