Set up or convert to an academy

Information for new openers, important dates and deadlines, application forms, budgets, model documents and templates.


  1. Academy conversion application forms

    Forms for schools converting to academy status.

  2. Academy sponsor application form

    If you are interested in becoming an academy sponsor, fill in the form and send it to your regional schools commissioner.

  3. Academy conversion: support grant forms

    Forms for schools converting to academies to claim the support grant and to declare what portion of the grant they've spent.

  4. Academy conversion: land questionnaires

    Documents to help schools converting to academy status submit their land information to the Department for Education.

  5. Regional academy growth fund: application form

    Application form for academy trusts who want to apply for the regional academy growth fund (RAGF).

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Convert to an academy: guide for schools
  2. Academy conversion: important dates
  3. Academies: information for new academies
  4. Sponsor an academy
  5. Sponsored academies funding: guidance for sponsors
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News and communications

  1. Education Secretary calls on more schools to become an academy
  2. The role freedom and autonomy has played in school improvement
  3. Nicky Morgan speech at the NAHT annual conference 2016
  4. Schools Commissioner calls for more academies in Derbyshire
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Open academies, free schools, studio schools and UTCs
  2. New school proposals
  3. North-west London and south-central England headteacher board
  4. South-West England headteacher board
  5. West Midlands headteacher board
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