Set up or convert to an academy

Information for new openers, important dates and deadlines, application forms, budgets, model documents and templates.

  1. Academies: a myth buster

    Responding to some common misconceptions about academies.

  2. Academies: information for new openers

    Information that new academies will need in their first period of opening.

  3. Academy conversion application forms

    Forms for schools converting to academy status.

  4. Academy conversion: important dates

    Deadlines for schools converting to academy status.

  5. Academy conversion: land questionnaires

    Documents to help schools converting to academy status submit their land information to the Department for Education.

  6. Academy conversion: long-term lease model

    Model document to help community and church schools converting to academy status transfer their school's land to the academy trust.

  7. Academy conversion: model ballot documents for grammar schools

    Documents that grammar schools converting to academies must complete to make changes to their admissions criteria.

  8. Academy conversion: model directions for transferring land

    Documents for schools transferring the freehold of their school site to the academy trust as part of the academy conversion process.

  9. Academy conversion: schedule of changes for model documents

    Document to help schools converting to academy status record any changes they've made to model documents as part of the conversion process.

  10. Academy conversion: support grant forms

    Forms for schools converting to academies to claim the support grant and to declare what portion of the grant they've spent.

  11. Academy conversion: surplus and deficit balance transfer process

    Guidance for schools and local authorities on what happens if a school has a budget surplus or deficit when it converts to academy status.

  12. Academy conversion: tenancy at will model

    Model document for schools that are converting to academy status and that won’t be able to complete land negotiations in time.

  13. Academy conversion: trust modification orders

    Model trust modification orders for schools converting to academies whose land is held by a trust or foundation that is not a diocese.

  14. Academy sponsor application form

    Form that groups interested in becoming an academy sponsor need to complete as part of the application process.

  15. Alternative provision academies

    Documents and guidance for pupil referral units converting to alternative provision (AP) academies.

  16. Becoming an academy: top tips for governors

    Tips for governors of schools on the path to becoming an academy.

  17. Change of land use due to an academy conversion

    Statutory guidance for local authorities, under paragraph A19 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.

  18. Church schools and academies: memoranda of understanding

    Formal agreements between the Department for Education (DfE) and the Church of England and the Catholic Church.

  19. Convert to an academy: guide for schools

    How maintained schools can apply to convert to academy status.

  20. Pupil referral units conversion to alternative provision academies in 2012 to 2013

    This guidance is for pupil referral units (PRUs) considering converting to alternative provision academies.

  21. Regional academy growth fund: application form

    Application form for academy trusts who want to apply for the regional academy growth fund (RAGF).

  22. Sponsor an academy

    Steps to follow to become an academy sponsor.

  23. Sponsored academies funding: guidance for sponsors

    Guidance on the DfE funding available to academy trusts for sponsored academy projects.

  24. ‘The school revolution’: how reforms are transforming schools

    A DfE film including interviews and footage of innovative practice in the classroom.