School trips and extracurricular activity

Consent form for school trips, guidance on charging for school activities and visits. Set up or join a cadet unit.

  1. Cadet units: guide for government-funded schools

    How state-funded schools can set up or join a cadet unit.

  2. Charging for school activities

    Guidance to help schools set out their policies on charging for school activities and visits.

  3. Childcare out of school hours

    Childcare for your children before and after school - after-school clubs, breakfast clubs, homework clubs, childminders

  4. Consent for school trips and other off-site activities

    A form for schools to get parents' and guardians' consent for school trips and other off-site activities.

  5. Extended schools and services

    Research into the impact of a range of extra-curricular services and activities for children, young people and the wider community.

  6. Find before and after school and holiday clubs

    Ask your council about before and after school clubs and holiday play schemes run by a school, private or voluntary organisation

  7. Pupil premium: summer schools programme 2015

    Information for schools taking part in the 2015 to 2016 summer schools programme.