TE5: Supplement for use of individual tree-shelters

Find out about eligibility and requirements for the supplement for use of individual tree-shelters item.

How much will be paid

£1.60 per unit.

Where to use this item

Available for Higher Tier and Woodland Creation Grant

Only on woodland as a supplement to the tree planting capital item (TE4)

Where this item cannot be used

On its own or with any other option, supplement or item other than item TE4

How this item will benefit the environment

It provides tree shelters to protect young, establishing trees from damage by browsing animals.


Agreement holders are likely to need to:

  • put up a tree shelter immediately after the tree is planted
  • make sure each shelter is flush with the ground to keep out small animals such as mice and voles
  • secure each shelter with a 25mm by 25 mm wooden stake, placed in an upright position
  • check shelters regularly, maintaining them until the tree or shrub is established
  • design and support shelters so they last for at least 5 years
  • dispose or recycle shelters and stakes according to relevant waste disposal regulations

The shelter protects trees from grazing animals and the height of the animal determines which shelter to use, eg:

  • for roe, muntjac or chinese water deer use 1.2m shelters
  • for fallow, red or sika deer use 1.8m shelters
  • for hares and rabbits use 1.2m tree shelter or smaller if available

Keeping records

Agreement holders will need to keep the following records and supply them on request:

  • any consents or permissions connected with the work
  • receipted invoices, or bank statements where a receipted invoice is unavailable
  • please see the record keeping and inspection requirements as set out in the Higher Tier manual for more detail

Agreement holders will need to keep the following records and supply them with the claim:

  • photographs of the completed work

Applicants will have to send the following with their application:

  • Forestry Commission Management Plan approval letter if required

The detailed requirements for this item will be tailored to the Higher Tier site. Higher Tier applicants should discuss and agree these requirements with their adviser.

Further information

See the Higher Tier manual to find out more about the scheme and how to apply.

Published 2 April 2015
Last updated 10 March 2017 + show all updates
  1. Updated for 2017 applications.
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