BN14: Stone wall supplement - stone from quarry

Find out about eligibility and requirements for the stone wall supplement - stone from quarry item.

How much will be paid

£44 per metre (m).  

Where to use this supplement

Available for Mid Tier, Higher Tier and hedgerows and boundaries grant

Only on walls being rebuilt using the BN12 - Stone wall restoration item.

How this supplement will benefit the environment

If successful there will be a rebuilt stone wall on sites where there was insufficient re-usable stone on the farm.


  • use imported stone that matches the type, size and style of the wall being restored
  • restore the wall as specified by the BN12 - Stone wall restoration item
  • remove all surplus stone from the site after work has been completed

Keeping records

Agreement holders will need to keep the following records and supply them on request:

  • any consents or permissions connected with the work
  • receipted invoices, or bank statements where a receipted invoice is unavailable
  • photographs of each length of wall to be restored
  • please see the record keeping and inspection requirements as set out in the Mid Tier manual for more detail

Agreement holders will need to keep the following records and supply them with the claim:

  • photographs of the completed work

This supplement can be used on the same length as the following items:

Advice and suggestions for how to carry out this supplement

The following advice is to help you successfully carry out this supplement, but does not form part of the requirements for this item.

Choose the right style for the wall

Restore the wall so that it matches the stone types and wall styles in the immediate area. There can be distinctive local variations, often in relatively small areas. The style is determined by the composition, shape and size of the stone used and the way it can be split and shaped. Using the right type of stone will ensure that the required style can be matched.

Further information

See the Mid Tier manual or Higher Tier manual or hedgerows and boundaries grant manual to find out more about the scheme and how to apply.

Published 2 April 2015
Last updated 29 March 2016 + show all updates
  1. Information updated for applications in 2016.
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