If you act as a deputy for someone else, you must send a report to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) each year explaining the decisions you’ve made.

You’ll need records of:

  • the decisions you’ve made, and anyone you’ve contacted, on behalf of the person you’re deputy for
  • your client’s finances, eg bank statements or spreadsheets

You can save your report and update it throughout the year. You can then submit it when you’ve finished.

You can’t use this service if you’re a professional deputy, eg a solicitor or you work for a local authority - you must use the the annual report forms instead.

Start now

You must create an account if you’ve not used the service before. You’ll need:

  • your case number - this is the ‘OPG reference’ on any letters you’ve received
  • your email address

You can also use the annual report forms.