Supervision, support and visits

As a deputy, you’ll be supervised by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). They’re authorised to contact you or visit you to check you’re being an effective deputy. They can also give you advice and support.

How you’ll be supervised

New deputies get a ‘general’ level of supervision for their first year.

After that, if you’re a property and affairs deputy you’ll move to ‘minimal’ supervision if both:

  • you’re managing less than £21,000
  • you no longer need a general level of supervision

You’ll pay a lower fee and have to write a shorter annual report than deputies with general supervision.

Supervision visits

You may be visited by a Court of Protection visitor to check if you:

  • understand your duties
  • have the right level of support from OPG
  • are carrying out your duties properly
  • are being investigated because of a complaint

The visitor will call you to arrange the visit and explain why they’re visiting.

Contact OPG

Tell OPG if you’re planning to make an important decision, for example you want to sell the property of the person you’re deputy for so they can move into a care home.

Office of the Public Guardian
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