You may be able to sell your property to the government at its market (‘unblighted’) value or receive a lump-sum payment if it’s near the proposed High Speed Two (HS2) route.

The property scheme you’re eligible for depends on the location of your property and which phase of HS2 affects you.

Check your location

You’ll need to find out if your property is:

  • in the safeguarded area
  • in the rural support zone
  • in the homeowner payment zone
  • outside the zones

Check the route for HS2 Phase 1, HS2 Phase 2a or HS2 Phase 2b to see if your property is in one of these zones.

If you’re in a safeguarded area

You can apply through one of the following:

If you’re in a rural support zone

You can apply through one of the following:

If you’re in a homeowner payment zone (Phase 1 or Phase 2a)

You can apply for the Homeowner Payment Scheme.

You cannot apply yet if you’re affected by Phase 2b.

If you cannot sell your property because of HS2

You can apply for the Need to Sell Scheme if your property is affected but:

  • it’s outside the zones and safeguarded area

  • it is not covered by a scheme

Rent Back

You can apply to rent and continue living in the property if you sell it to the government under one of these schemes.

Contact HS2

Contact HS2 if you have any questions, for example about what scheme you should apply to or the application process.

HS2 helpdesk
Telephone: 0808 1434 434
Minicom: 0808 1456 472
24-hour service
Find out about call charges

You can complain to HS2 about your application, for example if you think the decision is taking too long.