Regulatory appeals and references

Guidance and regulation

  1. Energy licence modification appeals rules: CMA70
  2. Energy code modification rules: CC10
  3. Energy licence modification appeals guide for participants: CMA71
  4. Water codes appeals guide for participants: CMA68
  5. Water codes appeals rules: CMA67
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News and communications

  1. Energy licence modification appeal: SONI
  2. Northern Ireland Personal Current Account Order 2008 review
  3. Anglo American plc / Lafarge S.A. merger inquiry (CC)
  4. Remicade: alleged abusive discount scheme
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Energy licence modification appeals: rules and guide
  2. Telecoms price control appeals under section 193 of the Communications Act 2003
  3. Water codes appeals: rules and guide
  4. Regulated payment systems appeals: rules and guide
  5. Energy licence modification appeals rules for Northern Ireland
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