Additional detailed guidance from government departments

  • Crops and horticulture

    Cross Compliance for agricultural land; rules for seeds; regulations for growers and breeders of fruit, vegetables, flowers and shrubs.

  • Farm management and finance

    Planning, budgets, land ownership and administration; developing a farming-related business.

  • Farming and the environment

    How to protect the countryside, support biodiversity on and around your farmland and minimise pollution from nutrients, fertilisers and farm waste.

  • Grants and payments for farmers

    Single Payments and the Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs); the Rural Payments Agency (RPA); Stewardship schemes.

  • Livestock

    Cross Compliance and UK legislation for cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and other farm animals: registration, health and welfare requirements.

  • Organic farming

    Converting to organic farming, organic standards and certification.