Register as a biomass supplier

Register on the biomass supplier list so you can supply biomass fuel to people using the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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Before you start

You can only register if you supply woodfuel.

You’ll need:

  • details of the type of fuel you are supplying
  • your company registration number and director’s names (if you have a company)

You need extra information depending on the type of business you are.

If you’re a trader selling biomass fuel to consumers

You need your suppliers’ biomass supplier list licence numbers.

You’ll also need to know:

  • how far your suppliers’ depots are from yours
  • the amount of fuel you get from each of your suppliers per year

If you don’t have these details you’ll need a carbon emissions calculation from each of your suppliers.

If you’re a producer of biomass fuel and sell it to traders or consumers

You’ll need to make a greenhouse gas calculation and show that you meet the land criteria rules.

Size of company How to calculate greenhouse gas
Less than 50 staff and turnover of less than €10 million Use the calculator in the application form
Over 50 staff and turnover of over €10 million Use the UK Solid and Gaseous Biomass Carbon Calculator

To do the calculation you’ll need information on the ‘lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions’ of your fuel, for example the type of dryer you use to dry the fuel.

If you make biomass fuel for your own use (self-supplier)

You must be a participant in the Renewable Heat Incentive or be planning to apply, and have a boiler that generates less than 1MW.

You’ll need:

  • evidence that you can self-supply your own fuel, for example a woodland management plan
  • information on where you get your fuel from