10. Complete your annual report

You must write a report each year explaining the decisions you’ve made as a deputy.

Property and financial deputies

You can report property and financial decisions online. You can also download and fill in the annual report forms, and send them to:

Office of the Public Guardian
PO Box 16185
B2 2WH

Personal welfare or professional deputies

If you’re a reporting medical decisions or you’re a solicitor for example, then you must use the annual report forms.

What to include

Your report must include:

  • the reasons for your decisions and why they were in the best interests of the person you’re deputy for
  • who you spoke to and what they said was in the person’s best interests
  • your client’s finances, like their bank statements or spreadsheets

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) will tell you when it’s time to send it.

If you don’t send the report OPG might:

  • increase your level of supervision
  • ask the court to replace you with a different deputy