After you've applied

There’s a 14-day wait after you tell the other people involved that you applied, in case they object.

The Court of Protection will then review your application and tell you if:

  • your application’s been approved or rejected
  • you have to provide more information to support your application, for example a report from social services
  • it’s going to hold a hearing to get more information, for example if someone objected

There’s usually no hearing if you applied to be a property and financial affairs deputy.

Tell the person you want to be a deputy for about the hearing

You’ll get a notice with the date of the hearing if the court decides to hold one. You must visit the person you want to be deputy for and tell them about it:

  • within 14 days of getting the notice
  • at least 14 days before the date of the hearing

Give them a completed notice about proceedings (COP14). Use the guidance notes to fill it in.

You must explain that they can contact Court of Protection staff for advice and assistance.

Court of Protection
Telephone: 0300 456 4600
Find out about call charges

When you’ve told them, send a certificate of service (COP20A) to the Court of Protection within 7 days.

You’ll have to pay a fee if the court makes a final decision at the hearing.