Apply for a UK merchant navy medal

You can apply for a UK merchant navy medal if you were a member of the merchant navy and you:

How to apply

Complete the application form and send it to the address on the form. You’ll also need to send your seaman’s discharge book.

If you’re applying for someone else’s medal

You can apply for someone else if either:

You must include a copy of the death certificate or your lasting power of attorney.

If the veteran has died, you must be the official next of kin. The general rules are:

  • the person’s spouse or civil partner has first claim to the medal, and then the eldest child
  • if there’s no spouse or child, the eldest grandchild is entitled to apply

After you’ve applied

You’ll get a decision within 30 working days of your application being received.

Get help

Email if you need help with your application.

Replace a lost or stolen medal

You’ll need to complete the application form if your medal is lost or has been stolen.