You can get a Bevin Boys veterans badge if you worked in the coal mines under the Bevin Boys scheme - widows of Bevin Boys may also be eligible.


You’ll get a badge if:

  • you worked in the mines under the Bevin Boys scheme between 1943 and 1948
  • you’re the widow of a Bevin Boy who died on or after 20 June 2007

All Bevin Boys are eligible - it doesn’t matter if you volunteered or were a ‘ballotee’ (conscript).

How to apply

There is no fee for applying for a veterans badge.

Fill in a Bevin Boys veterans badge application and send it by email or post to the Coal Liabilities Unit.

Contact the Coal Liabilities Unit if you need help completing the form.

Coal Liabilities Unit
0300 068 5716
Tuesday to Friday, 8am to 4pm
Find out about call charges

Coal Liabilities Unit
Department of Energy and Climate Change
Area 3B
3 Whitehall Place

After you’ve applied

You’ll get your badge around 2 to 3 weeks after sending in the application form.