Apply or appeal to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)

How to apply or appeal

Check whether you need permission. You can appeal or apply without permission in some cases.

Fill in the form

The form you fill in depends on what your case is about. The address is on the form.

You must pay a fee - you can apply for help if you’re getting certain benefits or on a low income.

What your case is about Form Fee Deadline Guidance
First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) decision Form T601 or Form T602 £275 - no fee for land registration cases 1 month of getting permission Leaflet T605 and T614
Leasehold Valuation Tribunal and Residential Property Tribunal decisions Form T601 or Form T602 £275 1 month of getting permission Leaflet T609
Valuation Tribunal in England or Wales decision Form T385 £275 28 days of the decision Leaflet T606 and Form T615
Compulsory acquisition of land (and other land compensation) Form T371 or Form T370 £275 Get legal advice - it depends on your case Leaflet T604 and T616
Restrictive covenant Form T379 £880 Get legal advice Leaflet T608 and T617
Public works Form T371 £275 Get legal advice Leaflet T604 and T616
Compulsory acquisition where owner is absent (greater London) Form T370 or Form T362 £1,270 Get legal advice Leaflet T604 and T616
Compulsory acquisition where owner is absent (not in greater London) Form T370 or Form T362 £1,150 Get legal advice Leaflet T604 and T616
‘Right to light’ dispute Form T383 or Form T384 £1,320 or £1,650 Get legal advice Leaflet T607
Tree preservation order Form T371 or Form T370 £275 Get legal advice Leaflet T604 and T616
Compensation for blighted land Form T374 or Form T375 £275 Get legal advice Leaflet T604 and T616
Any other case See the list of forms      

What to include

You must include:

  • a copy of the decision you’re appealing against (if you’re appealing a decision)
  • what your case is about, for example leasehold enfranchisement, rent increases, variation of a lease
  • whether you’d like to go to the hearing - and whether you need special arrangements, for example because of mobility issues
  • whether you’d like to call any expert witnesses
  • a ‘statement of case’ - where you set out why you’re appealing or applying to the tribunal
  • any other documents mentioned on the form

What happens next

The tribunal will decide if it can consider your case.

In most cases you will be asked to attend a hearing to present your case. You can also ask for a decision to be made without a hearing. The judge will decide if it’s necessary.

Get a time extension

You may be able to get a time extension for any step of the process. You must tell the tribunal why you need more time. You must also tell the other party in writing that you’re going to ask for an extension.

It costs £110 - make a cheque payable to ‘HMCTS’ and send it to the tribunal with a letter explaining your request. You must also send a copy of this letter to the other party.

Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)
5th floor, Rolls Building
7 Rolls Buildings
Fetter Lane

If you get a hearing

You’ll usually be asked when you’re available to attend a hearing. In certain cases you may be told when a hearing will take place, but you’ll be told at least 14 days beforehand. Hearings can be held sooner than this under exceptional circumstances. You can call a witness to support your case.

You can check the daily courts lists before your hearing to find out if anything has changed.

Hearings cost between £275 and £16,500 (depending on the size of the claim) and are usually held in public. There’s no hearing fee for land registration cases.

You may be asked questions by:

  • the judge
  • the other party, or their representative (if they have one)

You can not claim any expenses for going to a tribunal hearing. The tribunal may order the other party to pay your costs if you win your case.

You’ll get a decision in writing after the hearing, usually within 3 months.