Apply or appeal to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)

Get permission

You need to get permission before you appeal to the tribunal if you’re appealing a decision made by the:

You can appeal to the tribunal without permission if your case is about a decision about rates made by the Valuation Tribunal in England or Wales.

You do not need to get permission to apply to the tribunal.

How to get permission

Ask the tribunal that originally made the decision for permission to appeal. Follow the steps on your decision letter.

The original tribunal must get your request for permission within 28 days of your decision letter. Speak to the original tribunal for details.

If you’re refused permission

You can ask the Lands Chamber for permission directly if you’re refused it from the original tribunal. Follow the steps on your decision letter.

You must do this within 14 days of being refused permission.

It costs £220 except for land registration cases where there’s no fee. You may be able to get help paying the fee if you’re getting certain benefits or on a low income.

You can apply for judicial review if you do not get permission from the Lands Chamber. Speak to a solicitor to get help with the application.