What to do if a child or baby dies

You must register the death in the normal way, but you may also need to report the death of a child to other organisations depending on your circumstances.

Child Benefit

You should tell the Child Benefit Office as soon as possible if you’re claiming Child Benefit.

Child Benefit payments will usually carry on for 8 weeks after a child’s death.

You may still be able to claim Child Benefit if your child died before you made a claim.

If a newborn baby dies

You’re entitled to up to 8 weeks of Child Benefit if you claim within 3 months of the death.

If the child died before the end of the week they were born in, the 8 weeks starts from the Monday following the death.

If a child is stillborn

You cannot claim Child Benefit if the child’s stillborn.

Tax credits

If you’re claiming tax credits and your child dies, your payments may change. You’ll need to tell the Tax Credit Office within 1 month of the death. If you do not, you might:

  • have to pay back overpayments
  • not get all the money you’re owed

You can continue to get tax credits for up to 8 weeks following the death.

If the child died before you claimed tax credits, you can still claim (unless the child was stillborn). Call the tax credits helpline to get a claim form.

Sure Start Maternity Grant

You can still get the grant if you qualify. You must make a claim within 3 months of the birth.

Maternity and paternity leave and pay

You’ll still qualify for leave and pay if your baby:

  • is stillborn after the start of the 24th week of pregnancy
  • dies after being born

Child Trust Fund payments

When a child dies, any money in their Child Trust Fund account - including any payments from the government - usually passes to whoever inherits the child’s estate.