Get help at work if you’re disabled or have a health condition (Access to Work)

How it works

It will help your application if you’ve spoken to your employer about reasonable adjustments before you apply for Access to Work.

Once you’ve applied, an Access to Work adviser will contact you to discuss what help you could get. An adviser may also contact your employer to discuss how Access to Work can support you - they will not contact your employer until they’ve spoken to you.

Depending on your condition, an assessor may visit your workplace to assess your needs.

You may get an offer of support, which could include a grant. If it does, you’ll be told how much you’ll get and for how long.

How the grant works

You or your employer will buy the items or services you need.

Access to Work will pay the money back, up to the amount of the grant you’ve been offered and with any contributions deducted, such as employer or NHS contributions.