Autonomous road vehicles

Autonomous road vehicles guidance and research.

Guidance and regulation

  1. Connected and autonomous vehicle research and development projects
  2. Principles of cyber security for connected and automated vehicles
  3. Prototype vehicles
  4. Testing automated vehicle technologies in public
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News and communications

  1. From science fiction to reality: People in London and Edinburgh set to be the first to trial self-driving vehicle services
  2. Government kick-starts work on Future of Mobility Grand Challenge
  3. Be part of the fourth industrial revolution
  4. Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill: updated analysis of amendments made in the House of Lords for the purposes of English Votes for English Laws
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Research and statistics

  1. Future roads: public dialogue
  2. Technology and RIS2
  3. Transport and transport technology: public attitudes tracker
  4. Connected and autonomous vehicles: Market forecast
  5. The potential impact of driverless vehicles
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Using advanced driver assistance systems and automated vehicle technologies
  2. Driverless cars: regulatory testing framework
  3. Review of robotics and automation in transport construction 2017
  4. Review of artificial intelligence in transport 2017
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