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  1. Proposed Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects in England and Wales, Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station

    Information about possible Transboundary Environmental Impacts (UNECE Espoo Convention and UNECE Aarhus Convention)

  2. The Troika calls on the Government of South Sudan to appoint governors

    The governments of the UK, USA and Norway express concern at increases in violence and urge the government of South Sudan to appoint state governors.

  3. Over 2,000 UK personnel deploy to Norway for major Arctic warfare exercise

    Royal Marines, Royal Navy ships and an air group from Joint Helicopter Command will contribute to Exercise Cold Response 2020.

  4. Formation of the Transitional Government in South Sudan: Troika statement

    The United States, UK and Norway have made a new statement following the formation of South Sudan’s revitalised Transitional Government of National Unity.

  5. Compromise essential to timely formation of South Sudan’s Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity: Troika statement

    The US, UK, and Norway urge the South Sudan government and opposition parties to work together towards an inclusive national unity government.

  6. Troika Envoys meet to discuss South Sudan peace process

    Norway, UK and US call upon the South Sudanese parties to demonstrate the political will needed to move the peace process forward.

  7. South Sudan: Troika statement, 2 January 2020

    This Troika statement reviews progress towards forming South Sudan’s revitalised Transitional Government of National Unity.

  8. South Sudan: Troika Statement, October 2019.

    Troika Statement on the Formation of South Sudan's Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity

  9. Information and events for British citizens in Norway

    The British Embassy has been holding a series of meetings to inform British citizens working and living in Norway about their rights as Britain leaves the European Union.

  10. UK-US-Norway statement on the anniversary of the signing of the revitalized agreement on the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan

    Troika Statement on the One-Year Anniversary of the Signing of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan

  11. Dr Abdalla Hamdok made Prime Minister of Sudan: Troika Statement

    The UK, US and Norway have issued a Troika statement congratulating Dr.

  12. Sudan: Troika statement, June 2019

    The UK, US and Norway have issued a Troika statement on developments in Sudan.

  13. Universal Periodic Review 33: Norway

    The UK welcomed Norway’s long-standing commitment to the UPR process and praised their efforts to protect media freedom and persue an end to modern slavery.

  14. South Sudan peace process: Troika statement, April 2019

    The UK, US and Norway have issued a Troika statement on the formation of a transitional government in South Sudan.

  15. UK, Norway and Iceland sign trade continuity agreement 

    The UK has today signed a new trade continuity agreement with Norway and Iceland.

  16. Troika Statement on Escalating Conflict in South Sudan

    The UK, US and Norway have issued a Troika statement on the conflict in South Sudan.

  17. UK and Norway energy partnership for clean growth

    HM Ambassador Richard Wood speaks about the UK and Norway´s partnership in clean growth at the Diplomatic Gas Forum.

  18. British Community Town Hall Tromsø

    Ambassador to Norway, Richard Wood will be hosting an town hall meeting for UK nationals in Tromsø on the 21 January to update them on the UK´s departure from the EU.

  19. PM’s press statement at the Norwegian Parliament

    Prime Minister Theresa May addressed the press alongside Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg.

  20. Green Great Britain: Climate Policy and Energy Transition

    Remarks by Richard Wood, HM Ambassador to Norway Norwegian Climate Policy Foundation