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  1. Wuhan novel coronavirus: infection prevention and control

    Guidance on infection prevention and control for Wuhan novel coronavirus.

  2. Emerging infections

    The epidemiology, detection and assessment of emerging infections.

  3. Group A streptococcal infections: guidance and data

    The characteristics, diagnosis and management of group A streptococci infections.

  4. Enterovirus infections

    The diagnosis, management and epidemiology of enterovirus infections.

  5. Fungal infections

    The characteristics, diagnosis and epidemiology of fungal infections in humans

  6. Gastrointestinal infections: guidance, data and analysis

    The characteristics, diagnosis, management and epidemiology of gastrointestinal infections.

  7. Human animal infections and risk surveillance group (HAIRS)

    The human animal infections and risk surveillance (HAIRS) group identifies and assesses emerging infection risks to human health.

  8. Decontamination and infection control

    Guidance on decontamination and infection control, including surgical instruments, dental equipment, endoscopes and benchtop steam sterilizers.…

  9. Mycobacterium chimaera: infections linked to heater cooler units

    Guidance for healthcare professionals on infection control and clinical aspects of M. chimaera infection associated with cardiopulmonary bypass.

  10. Care homes: infection prevention and control

    Information resource for care home workers about preventing and controlling infection in care homes.

  11. Managing common infections: guidance for primary care

    Guidance for managing common infections, including upper and lower respiratory, and urinary tract infections.

  12. Surgical site infection (SSI): guidance, data and analysis

    PHE helps hospitals record incidents of surgical site infection (SSI), to help improve surgical practice and prevent further infections.

  13. Infected Blood Inquiry: information for GPs and patients

    Information for GPs and patients on the Infected Blood Inquiry (IBI).

  14. Update on novel coronavirus infection

    A CMO message advising healthcare professionals on the current global situation of human infection with the novel coronavirus (nCoV).…

  15. Clostridioides difficile infection: surveillance form.

    For reporting mandatory surveillance of Clostridioides difficile infection to Public Health England.

  16. Hepatitis A infection: prevention and control guidance

    Guidance to help public health professionals manage hepatitis A infections and recommendations for pre-exposure immunisation.

  17. Clostridioides difficile infection: how to deal with the problem

    Guidance on the most effective methods of prevention and control of Clostridioides difficile infection.

  18. Infection control in building projects

    This guidance discusses the various stages of a capital build project and highlights the major infection control issues and risks.

  19. Bloodborne infections in blood, tissue and organ donors (BIBD): guidance, data and analysis

    The NHSBT / PHE epidemiology unit, and the epidemiology of infections among blood, tissue and organ donors and recipients.…

  20. Preventing person-to-person gastrointestinal infections

    Precautions to stop infection spread aimed at public health and environmental health professionals.