Emerging infections

The epidemiology, detection and assessment of emerging infections.

Emerging infections have been appearing at an average rate of one per year globally.

See Timeline of Emerging Infections since 1998

See Global map of emerging infections since 1998

See Disease detectives: keeping track of new and emerging infectious diseases

Human Animal Infections and Risk Surveillance group (HAIRS)

The HAIRS group is a multi-agency and cross-disciplinary horizon scanning group set up in 2004 in order to identify and assess emerging infectious risks to human health. Outputs include disease risk assessments and annual reports of topics discussed.


Information on the reasons behind human infectious disease emergence, including how and why they arise.

Epidemic intelligence

Epidemic intelligence activities are undertaken by PHE to detect and assess potential emerging infectious disease threats to UK.

Emerging infection summaries

PHE’s Emerging Infections team uses an integrated horizon scanning approach which combines information on both human and animal health, to identify and assess outbreaks and incidents of new and emerging infectious diseases, reported nationally and internationally.

  1. Emerging infections: monthly summaries

High consequence infectious disease summaries

PHE produces a monthly report that provides detailed updates on known high consequence infectious disease (HCID) events around the world.

  1. High consequence infectious diseases: monthly summaries
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