2. Make a flood plan

Make a written plan of how you’ll respond to a flood if you run a business in an area at risk of flooding. It should include how you’ll:

  • protect staff
  • deal with hazardous equipment
  • reduce the risk from polluting materials

Read guidance on how to prepare your business for flooding.

Read guidance on how to make a flood plan if you’re responsible for making a flood plan for a school, hospital, care home or other community group. You can also use a flood plan template.

You can make a flood plan if your home is at risk of flooding and find out how to use sandbags.

If you have a disability or need extra help

Ask your council if they keep lists of people who need extra support during a flood.

Contact Floodline to ask for a friend or relative to get flood warnings on your behalf.

Telephone: 0345 988 1188
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