You may be able to pay Class 3 voluntary National Insurance to fill gaps in your contributions record to qualify for benefits like the State Pension.

Pay now

Before you pay

Check your National Insurance record to find out:

  • if you have any gaps
  • if you’re eligible to pay voluntary contributions
  • how much it will cost

Voluntary contributions do not always increase your State Pension. Contact the Future Pension Centre to find out if you’ll benefit from voluntary contributions.

Ways to pay

You can pay monthly via Direct Debit.

Contact HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) if you want to:

  • pay quarterly - they’ll send you a bill every July, October, January and April
  • make a one-off payment

Make sure you pay HMRC by the deadline you’re given. The amount of time you’ll need to allow depends on how you pay.

Same or next day

You can make same or next day payments:

3 working days

You can pay within 3 days by BACS.

You currently cannot pay by cheque through the post because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

You can no longer pay at the Post Office.