By phone, post or email

To get a statement of how much State Pension you’ve earned so far, you can contact the Future Pension Centre.

You can also fill in the BR19 application form and send it in the post - you can only do this if you’ll reach State Pension age in more than 30 days.

Check your State Pension age.

If you’re over 55, you should apply for your statement by email, phone, or post. Your statement will be calculated according to new State Pension rules.


You can apply online to get your State Pension statement faster. This new service is currently in ‘beta’ - it’s being tested and improved. You can also get a forecast of how much you could get when you reach State Pension age and find out how to increase this amount.

You’ll need to sign in using GOV.UK Verify. This service is also in beta.

If you’ve worked and paid National Insurance in the Isle of Man

Contact the Future Pension Centre to get information about your State Pension.